Perspectives on Design Florida book
Hardcover book, pub. Panache Partners
Spring 2008

Georgian Manor home featured on all panels of the dust jacket for the book.

"Best of State Winner, Aurora Award 2008"

Florida Home Builder magazine
Sept/Oct 2008

"Embracing the natural beauty of St. Simons Island, this California Spanish Mission home was designed to conserve space on the island, as well as environmental factors."

"Best In American Living Awards 2003: Best One-of-a-Kind Custom Home 6,501 s.f. and Over"

Luxury Homes magazine
2003 Vol. 1, Issue 2

"The primary design challenge for this French Country-style home was to reconcile the client's wish that it be an intimate family home as well as a grand entertainment venue."

"Spanish- vs. Italian-Mediterranean Revival Architecture"

Period Homes magazine
Summer 2001

"The subtle distinctions of Spanish and Italian influences can result in significant differences in the design of Mediterranean architecture. This overview explores the key principles to consider."

"Q+A: Tom Price"

residential architect magazine
May 2001

"Good contemporary design requires the same sensitivity and expressive talent as good period design, so a respect for period design is important in all architects..."

"Romanesque References"

Florida Architecture magazine
Feature Article
62nd Edition, 2000

" 'This is a style that is more cognizant of the shapes that come together -- more playful, for example, with the conical tower on the front. It’s about nesting and cascading of forms.' While the Isleworth home utilizes several dominant Richardsonian features, and most pointedly the cascading of forms, it is clearly an adaptation for Florida."

"New Mediterranean-Style Villa in Florida"

Period Homes magazine
Summer 2000

"This residence, completed in 1998, re-creates the character of a 1920s Mediterranean-style villa, with period detailing of roof tiles, textured stucco, stone trim, and wood windows and brackets. The house is the Builder's first spec residence in an upscale community where the previous homes were large, but not historically styled..."

"21st-Century Style"

Unique Homes magazine
January 2000

"It's true that at one time the 21st century loomed like Big Brother on the horizon, looking a little sterile, much too clinical, and none too hospitable. But now that it's finally here, the new millennium seems far less daunting and much more personalized..."

 "A New Heritage"

Florida Architecture magazine
Feature Article
60th Edition, 1999

"On a chain of lakes in Orlando's Windermere suburb, among the century-old cypress and oak trees, one house wears its non-conformity with patrician reserve. It is palatial, yes, but it flaunts nothing. Like an heirloom, it is prized for its venerable heritage, distinguished by its timelessness..."

"New Traditions: Building and Restoring the Period Home... New 1920s-Style Cottage (and Barn) for Horse Ranch"

Traditional Building magazine
May/June 1999

"The owners of a 20-acre horse ranch looked back to the 1920s to find a homestead model that would best suit their lifestyle. Latticework conceals a crawl space below the house, which is elevated on piers. The barn (behind the house) picks up some of the house's detailing and style..."

"Best in American Living Gold Award:
Best One-of-a-Kind Custom Home in the Nation
Over 7500 Square Feet"

Professional Builder magazine
January 1999

"Featuring dramatic interior living spaces, this palatial 8,170-square foot Country French residence located in Orlando, Florida, is exceptionally suited to the social lifestyle of its executive owner, yet it also retains a casual elegance that makes the whole family feel 'at home'...."

"Best in American Living Grand Award: Best One-of-a-Kind Custom, Under 4000 Square Feet"

Professional Builder magazine
January 1997

"This 2,200-square-foot Grand Award winner echoes a Craftsman theme: at once rustic and contemporary, using cedar columns, beams, stonework and mitered glass. Inside, the glass spiral stair-with birch stringer and treads to match other trim-centers an open floor plan. Mitered glass exterior corners provide sweeping views of grounds and lake..."

  "A Home Built With the Holidays In Mind"

Orlando Magazine
December 1996

"To say that Sally Hoch loves Christmas is an understatement. While traveling with her professional golfer-husband, Scott Hoch, she's always on the lookout for angels and Santa Claus figures to add to her collection. So naturally, when the Hochs planned to build their home in southwest Orlando, she made sure the halls would be designed for optimum decking..."

"Outward Bound: Front Porches Bring Homeowners Out of the House"

Orlando Magazine
June 1996

"Here's a look at three downtown front porches that have heightened the quality of architecture and life in each neighborhood. While each porch is different, each also shares essential elements. And each is a link to Orlando's past - that's blending nicely into Orlando's future..."

"Contemporary Kitchens Go To Work"

Orlando Magazine
November 1996

"Maximum dramatic impact is delivered by the prototypical sleek contemporary kitchen of the Siegels..."

  "A Guest Cottage in the Wood"

Cover Article for Florida Builder magazine
June 1996

  "At Home With Scott Hoch: A hole-in-1 dream home for golfer"

The Orlando Sentinel
Home Section, December 18, 1993

"The 8,500-square-foot three-story could pass for an ante-bellum mansion, Price said, except for the fact that it's in perfect condition. "What makes that house really sing," he said, "is that the Hochs agreed to replicate the period and its details exactly. We used period detailing down to using full 1-inch beaded boards on the porch ceilings. Like the old houses, the porch is elevated with lattice underneath, and the column trim is all true to the period..."

  "The Ultimate Bungalow"

Orlando Magazine
July 1993

"With velvet lawns and natural wooded areas, the back of the 7,000-square-foot Cypress Point home wraps around the shoreline of Lake Sheen. The varied landscaping, including decks, terraces, fish ponds and brick walkways, offers many outdoor environments for relaxing, dining and entertaining. The front elevation (above) borrows elegantly from the California craftsman style characterized by exposed heavy timber porch columns and stone detailing.

  "Craftsman Style"

Florida Architecture magazine
Feature Article
54th Edition

"The owners of the house are from Chicago, and were inspired by Florida sunsets and storms over Lake Sheen," says Price, "and Stonehenge fulfills their dreams for a house with windows to the sky." Price took his inspiration from the Craftsman style..."

  "Contemporary English Manor"

Florida Architecture magazine
Feature article
53d Edition

"When he first began thinking about having a new home built several years ago, the owner, a plastic surgeon, had very contemporary tastes. Then he and Orlando architect Tom Price began working together...

  "At Home With Aaron and Vilma Dowd"

Metro-Orlando Home magazine
October 1989

"One shared appreciation the Dowds have is Mediterranean architecture. Their home, on Lake Down, the first lake on the Butler Chain of Lakes, is just that, and also reflects their lifestyle. Built of stucco and tile, the house is elegant and casual. "It has a very comfortable feeling. With the tile and stucco, the house is very low maintenance," says Aaron."

"Bewitching Kitchens"

Florida Home & Garden magazine

"A lifetime's collection of antiques, baskets, china from Scotland, and old wooden country furniture creates a cozy eclectic kitchen in Orlando. 'Everything has a story,' says the owner, and indeed, it looks like a storybook cottage. But in reality, it is a new home made to look old, built on the site of the old house, which this resembles."

  "A private kitchen the pros would love"

The Orlando Sentinel
Home Section, October 1987

"Barbara and Skip Fowler cook in what she says is probably "the largest commercial kitchen in a private residence in town." The kitchen, four years in the planning and completed last summer, has 1,200 square feet, three sinks and two refrigerators. It is not your usual remodeling effort..."